On our poster: the only existing portrait of Josquin des Prez, a woodcut from Petrus Opmeer's Opus chronographicum, written in 1569, published in 1611.

Hommage à Josquin
In honour of a great master

The programme consists of the wonderful chansons and motets of the greatest master of the renaissance, Josquin des Prez and works of his contemporaries composed in in memoriam or in honour of him. A piece of special interest is Jacquet da Mantua's large scale work, in which the composer cites the incipits of many Josquin-motets, and which is sung by Capella Silentium from a transcription from the 16th century partbooks, because of no existing modern edition of the piece. In the programme: Josquin's "musical testament" the Pater noster connected with an Ave Maria, Josquin's canonic wonder-chansons, Faulte d’argent and Baisez moi, former is also played on guitar by Annamária Szlama in the transcription of the 16th century Hungarian composer and world famous luth virtuoso Valentin Bakfark.
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Detailed programme and programme notes (in Hungarian)
20th March 2011, University Library of Eötvös Loránd University