-musical adventurousness
-artistic liberty
-fidelity to the works
-living the silence
-living the music


Capella Silentium is one of the few a cappella vocal ensembles with individual and scarce profile: its programs are thematic, focusing on a special era or phenomenon of the history of music. Its repertoire comprises music from the early renaissance polyphony to contemporary music, and not specialized on one era or stlye. CS was founded in 2009 by chorus master and musicologist Tamás Várkonyi in Hungary. The 18-member vocal ensemble present three programmes per season, each of them grouped around a central subject in music history. In each thematic programme Capella Silentium always presents rarities, and discovers forgotten pieces. Our principles:

musical adventurousness
artistic liberty
fidelity to the works
living the silence
living the music

In four years Capella Silentium participated two international choral competitons: in Rimini 2012 and in Vienna 2010 was finalist, and won special prizes.