A plakáton
Cristóbal de Morales
Dó, ré, mi-miséjének egyik jellegzetes
részlete látható

Do, re, mi...
masterpieces from a scale

For this programme we have selected a number of works that are based on the well-known musical alphabet: the do, re, mi, fa, sol, la… scale. Movements of different composers’ Do, re, mi Masses form the backbone of this exciting compilation, in which works of Palestrina, Morales, Kurtág, Pärt, Vinci, Roussel, Pallavicino, and Sweelinck are featured. Back to the concerts main page
Detailed programme and programme notes (in Hungarian)
6. December 2009., St Catherine of Alexandria, Budapest

Other performances:
5. December 2009., Velence-Old city, Catholic church
23. January 2010., Church of Brothers Hospitallers of St. John of God, Pécs